Dropping In To say Hello!

Hello, How Are You?!

I know it’s been awhile since my last blog post and so much has happened in the last six months. I am writing this blog today to check in and say Hello. I hope all is well with you and yours during this very trying and confusing time for all of us.

Have you noticed how the world has taken this time as an opportunity to take a step back and reset itself? How blue the sky is without all the planes in the air and the cars on the road? The air seems fresher and the birds are extra chirpy too! I’ve seen some great links to wild animals/sealife taking over their environments from human beings that I would like to share with you … click on the following links.

*Bald eagles nesting in saguaro cactus for the first time in decades

*Surfer rides bioluminescent waves in California

*Whales thriving in the ocean without cruise and container ship traffic

*Lions take over road usually swarmed by tourists in South Africa

How have you been keeping busy? I’ve been staying in touch with family, friends and colleagues via Zoom calls, just like most of you. Items on my husband’s “honey do” list are getting completed and my yard never looked better!

I’ve also been attending Zoom calls and online webinars presented by my preferred suppliers and destination specialists in order to keep current with the pandemic situation internationally and domestically. These calls help me know the opening status of destination/resorts/hotels. It also help me understand the protocols that will be put into place to keep us all safe and healthy. One of the best things I’ve done during my down time is obtaining a Certification in Hospitality and Tourism from Florida Atlantic University, one of the top schools in the United States to offer a degree in Hospitality and Tourism.

The travel situation throughout the world remains uncertain even while restrictions are being somewhat lifted in many places. I monitor the situation daily and it looks to be more promising by the day. I, for one, cannot wait to pull out my passport and start my travel adventures again. See link below for a picture of my sad suitcase …

*Wendy’s suitcase wishing they could travel, photo credit Sean Kerins

Again, thank you for your continued support of my travel business. When the world settles into its new normal and we feel comfortable traveling again, I will be there waiting to help you plan your international and domestic adventures to rediscover the world.

Stay safe, stay healthy and be happy! Cheers to you!


Wendy Boverini

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